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Who Says the Barn Aisle isn’t a Runway?

Who-saysWe’re all looking forward to a summer full of thrilling competition, reconnecting with old friends, and blue ribbons, but you’re not alone if you feel the summer marathon leaves you exhausted and bedraggled. Then there are those elusive creatures- those women who seem to fl oat around the show, looking chic and refreshed. They take off their helmets after a grueling course looking cool and collected while the rest of us feel sweaty, frazzled and decidedly un-sexy. We tracked down some of these enviable women to share their secrets: the must-haves, style-standbys, helmet-hair tricks and other beauty weapons. We found out how they keep fi t and energetic through the sweatiest of days, and we get a peek into how they stay on their game competitively while making it an unforgettable season.


JUST DO IT – On a Horse


NIKESerena Williams, LeBron James, Tiger Woods and Ayden Uhlir all have one thing in common. Three of the names listed are known to anyone who has been on planet earth the last several years. They are superstar athletes who have won multiple championships, Olympic Gold Medals, and a fan base in the millions. So who is Ayden Uhlir and what does she have in common with Serena, LeBron and Tiger?






Picture 057My first memory of The Broadmoor Hotel was back in 1973, when, as a 16-year-old, I had won a statewide student film competition and was to receive the grand prize at a ceremony at this iconic hotel. I was excited and in awe as my parents and I arrived at the grand entrance, had our car doors opened by elegant men in beautiful coats and smiles, and were ushered into one of the most decadent lobbys I had ever seen. Now, 40 years later, The Broadmoor, a name that has come to signify the gold standard in hospitality and service, has left me once again in awe at what it has evolved into. Since that day in ’73 when I received my film award, I have stayed at the finest hotels in North and South America, Asia, and Europe, and I must admit that it wasn’t necessary to leave my home state of Colorado to find the best hotel in the world – it was right here all along. Actually for 95 years! I mean, what other hotel have you heard of or been to where people will fly in just for the Sunday brunch? I’ve heard from generations of families who have talked about The Broadmoor’s brunch as if it were a mystical, magical experience that transformed them. If you have indulged in this brunch, then you know that it is indeed a legendary gastronomical experience.



Rolex_Jan_ByynyIt is the Indy 500, Super Bowl, and Big Kahuna all in one. It is the CCI**** event that every ambitious rider hopes to qualify for some day. It has been associated so long with the title sponsor that it has come to be known simply as Rolex, and to wear the winner’s Gold Oyster watch is the ultimate equestrian bling. This year’s Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event served as one of the US team selection trials for the 2014 World Equestrian Games in France in August. Riders planned their competition schedules months or even years ahead to culminate at Rolex.  READ MORE

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New movie dramatizes the 2009 upset victory of Mine That Bird in the Kentucky Derby. Mine_That_Bird_vertThe red carpet was rolled out and ready. The marquee of the historic theater read “World Premiere, 50 to 1.” Photographers, reporters and TV crews had staked out their turf to capture the stars upon arrival. The first to make an entrance was the leading man. He had been groomed to look his best for his moment in the spotlight. He wore shiny silver shoes and a luxurious coat of a rich dark hue. A hint of mint could be detected as he leaned over the barrier to greet his fans. “Look, is it really Bird?” said a young girl to her mother as she offered a peppermint. Indeed it was. Mine That Bird (Birdstone x Mining My Own) and his connections had come to the opening of “50 to 1” at the Kimo Theater in Albuquerque, NM in March. [Spoiler alert: the film is based on the true story of Mine That Bird’s improbable victory in the Kentucky Derby, so yes, he does win the race]. Bird traveled from the Double Eagle Ranch in Roswell, NM to attend the movie’s premiere, riding in a custom Turnbow trailer emblazoned with his own logo.

rain-storm-lancer2It was a much more fi tting rig for the winner of over $2,200,000 than the beat-up old bumper-pull that he was hauled in to Kentucky in April of 2009. Now eight-years-old and having nothing more pressing to do than deciding which side of the pasture to graze, Bird came out of retirement to play himself in some of the scenes in the movie. That’s him eating grass at a rest stop somewhere on the way to Louisville, while his trainer Chip Wooley and exercise rider Alex discuss whether he has a chance in the race (not much of one is the honest assessment). That’s him hanging out in the real stall where he was stabled at Churchill Downs. And that’s him with Calvin Borel, the jockey whose brilliant maneuvering through the mud and mayhem of a 19-horse race took them from dead last before the turn for home to going away by 6 ¾ lengths at the finish.







Here at HC, we think that personal style and fashion begin from the ground up.   After all, form and function need a foundation and we think that these products are  the perfect start to creating a fashion statement that covers you from top to bottom.




hc-yogaBetter body awareness, flexibility, balance, presence of mind,focus, and relaxation- those all seem like extremely beneficial abilities for a rider to possess. Lindsay Smith, a beautiful redheaded yogini and equestrienne who has been riding since she was nine, is hoping to bring all of those elusive skills to riders everywhere. Lindsay started in hunter and jumpers, but has also dabbled in eventing and dressage, and currently shows Arabians and Saddlebreds nationally with her husband. Based out of Los Angeles, Smith teaches sport-oriented yoga at a variety of different area studios. She is currently the yoga coach for the LA professional soccer team, Chivas USA, and is the exclusive yoga instructor for the athlete’s village at the upcoming X-Games in Austin as well as the World Series of Beach Volleyball. She has amassed a client list that includes players from NFL, NBA, and MLB teams, as well as numerous college athletes. Smith started doing yoga about 15 years ago when she was a fashion industry executive and, as she describes herself, was “well dressed and high stressed” Her hours on the yoga mat immediately made her feel better mentally and physically, especially with aches and pains caused by falls from horses. READ MORE

AMERICAN MUSTANGamerican-mustang-film

 Geoff Young

I have been passionate about the survival of our wild horses in the American West, publishing articles about the cruel and senseless management practices of the herds since 2006. It has been a sad and depressing campaign following the plight of these icons of our Western heritage. And to be honest, I felt a sense of hopelessness this year when the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) released its long-awaited report on the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) wild horse management program.

The NAS report eviscerated the failed management practices of the BLM stating that, “The Wild Horse and Burro Program has not used scientifically rigorous methods to estimate the population sizes of horses and burros, to model the effects of management actions on the animals, or to assess the availability and use of forage on range lands.” It shouldn’t take the nation’s leading scientists to point out that rounding up tens of thousands of wild horses with helicopters from our public lands and stockpiling them in holding facilities, at an enormous cost to the American taxpayer, and great benefit to the ranching and livestock industry, is a really bad plan.

And what has me feeling hopeless and depressed is that the Secretary of the Interior, Sally Jewell, has pretty much blown off the report—barely commenting on it or taking action regarding the recommendations laid out. And the real kicker is that Jewell has a science background with a degree in mechanical engineering and yet ignores the science behind the NAS report. Ellie Phipps Price, Producer of AMERICAN MUSTANG, and partner Chris Towt with Dunstan, a mustang who is the namesake of the couple’s winery at the Durell Vineyard in Sonoma, CA.




Nineteen-year-old Ayden Uhlir has been signed to a sponsorship deal with Nike, making her the fi rst US equestrian athlete to join the giant sportswear conglomerate and take her place along side the other illustrious athletes who wear the swoosh logo. And the Nike slogan, “Just Do It,” certainly applies to Ayden, because against all odds she went and did it!


Picture 057


heaven is a hotel, this is it, and if you haven’t been here before, you must, must indulge in one of the most wonderful hospitality experiences ever. And if you are here for the horse shows at the Colorado Horse Park this summer, you really need to make a stay at The Broadmoor a must-do – and here’s why.



50 TO 1

The red carpet was rolled out
and ready. The marquee
of the historic theater
read “World Premiere, 50 to 1.”
Photographers, reporters and TV
crews had staked out their turf
to capture the stars upon arrival.



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