Did you Say Knickers or Nickers? Eventing in England – June 2007

Evalyn Bemis I went to England in May to watch the Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials. I noticed a few differences between here and there. For starters, getting to the event required nerves of steel. You have to remember to keep to the wrong side of the road while being sleep-deprived from the transatlantic flight […]

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Year 2: Better Yet- The 2005 Grand Prix de Santa Fe – July 2005

evalyn bemis When you think of Santa Fe, New Mexico, you probably don’t envision English-style riders in dark hunt coats and sparkling white breeches on gleaming, muscular horses bounding over five foot tall colorful jumps. Perhaps next year, when Memorial Day weekend rolls around again, you will. A short drive past the South West city […]

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