In the Hoofprints of the Coronado- July 2008

Tom Moates Photography by Walter Nelson “I was a complete dude,” admits Long Rider and well-known writer Douglas Preston. Given his accomplishment, it is a truth difficult to believe. Without previous horseback experience, a 1,000 mile, brutal, middle-of-nowhere, get-yourself-killed, deserts-of-the-American-southwest Long Ride became Preston’s hellacious introduction to the saddle. The year was 1989. The modern […]

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Year 2: Better Yet- The 2005 Grand Prix de Santa Fe – July 2005

evalyn bemis When you think of Santa Fe, New Mexico, you probably don’t envision English-style riders in dark hunt coats and sparkling white breeches on gleaming, muscular horses bounding over five foot tall colorful jumps. Perhaps next year, when Memorial Day weekend rolls around again, you will. A short drive past the South West city […]

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