Justin-Profile-PhotoMr. Esparza is a visual designer who creates and produces compelling solutions for print, web, mobile and online virtual worlds through his company, Kahruvel Design, in the Pacific Northwest. He demonstrates a deep skill set composed of equal parts creative designer and technical craftsperson. The breadth of his experience includes video production, business management, analog-to-digital business transitions, customer service, freelance graphic design and art direction at a full service advertising agency.

Kansas-born, Washington-raised, he is a city man who has appreciated horses ever since his first encounter while visiting his uncle’s farm south of Wichita —he would chase them through the pasture and they would chase him back. A favorite childhood book was “The Horse and His Boy,” by C. S. Lewis and there were quite a few years when he fully expected horses could talk (no doubt spurred on by watching old reruns of Mr. Ed). He last rode during a high school horseback riding class where he barely learned to ride English style, did a little jumping and discovered that his steed, Ginger, was a kicker. They were teamed as they were both tallest. A horse person at heart, if not fully in practice.