In the Hoofprints of the Coronado- July 2008

Tom Moates Photography by Walter Nelson “I was a complete dude,” admits Long Rider and well-known writer Douglas Preston. Given his accomplishment, it is a truth difficult to believe. Without previous horseback experience, a 1,000 mile, brutal, middle-of-nowhere, get-yourself-killed, deserts-of-the-American-southwest Long Ride became Preston’s hellacious introduction to the saddle. The year was 1989. The modern […]

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In the Hoofprints of History- April 2009

Tom Moates Twelve men have walked on the Moon, yet no human has ever ridden around the Earth! No one speaks more fluently on the subject of equestrian exploration than CuChullaine O’Reilly. That is understandable since, along with his wife Basha, he has worked for nearly a decade preserving, protecting and promoting the ancient art […]

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Saddling up for Legalization – January 2009

  Tom Moates “Cops say, ‘Legalize Pot,’ ask me why.” The big plain letters spelling this message across an otherwise basic T-shirt popped out at the onlooker, and were easily discernable at considerable distance from wherever the rider sat atop his horse. This simple yet potentially volatile statement sparked conversation, and debate—and the cowboy cop […]

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